1. "Italy"

    I just want to say thank you for sharing your story of grief and triumph. I find comfort in knowing that other people struggle and that doesn’t mean I am hateful, or enjoy others pain, but yet that I am not alone.

    I appreciate your honesty and admire the strength it takes to come out of a dark place.

    Keep the stories coming.

    Glad to know you are out there!

      • Linda

        And I will love you unconditionally for the rest of my days. Thank you for sharing you inspire me! Love Aunt Linda

        • GirlPhoenix

          Thanks for being my first non- immediate family reader. And mostly, thanks for the bike! Us truth tellers need to stick together. Mostly because others don’t find it endearing lol

  2. Beth

    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to following you. I love ordinary things and look forward to learning more from you!

    Luv you!

  3. For the love of it

    Thanks for creating a space to share. I do not know any details other than you were on a journey and circled back around a different person – and it seems to be working very well . I’m so happy for you and think of you often.

    Introspection is a beautiful thing but not something that comes easily for all. I tend to make myself a little crazed with it at times :). When I look back at all that I have been through in my life so far, for the most part, I see growth even through the toughest of pain. That said, with my most recent turn of events that lasted about 4 years and came to a head in the last year and a half, I feel as if in some ways I can see ME and what I want more clearly than ever. As I get older and my child has become a man, I am thinking more deeply about what’s truly important to me.

    For me, quality of life at this point means finding a balance – what would make me most happy at this time. I felt my best when I was eating healthy (no fad diets – whole foods, no preservatives, right balance of protein, fat and carbs etc) combined with exercise (love biking and I am now in a12 week training and nutrition program) and was at a healthy weight. That’s all great but I have let something very important go by the way side over time – my relationship with my life partner who is a very kind and gentle man. Changing jobs now was inevitable if I was ever going to work on such an important goal. In such a short time, I already feel more balanced at work. I’m happy to say, I’m on my way – we are on our way back to who we once were. It’s not happening over night but it’s happening, Reconnecting with my son is a journey in itself – we are exploring a Buddhist-like life style of simplicity, understanding/empathy and kindness (I clearly have lots more to learn). I will end this (I know, right? It’s about time! 🙂 by saying I think I am well on my way to the next chapter in my life. Hopefully one of peace, happiness and good health. For the love of it!

    • GirlPhoenix

      Thanks so much for the honesty. To me the people who have been through hardship are usually the most interesting. As long as they can be introspective and try to grow from it 😉

      • For the love of it

        Therein lies the challenge, eh? I’m trying.

        So your blog is about you and I made it about me. 🙂 I just want you to know that I admire your strength, perseverance and intellect. Rock on

  4. HM

    Excited for this new ‘place’ to get to know you and looking forward to more posts!

    “Who looks outside, dreams;
    Who looks outside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

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