about me

So I never considered myself a creative person.  I’ve always leaned more towards science.  But here I am, writing a blog.

Here’s my story:
A few years ago, in 2008, my life began unraveling and I was forced (ok, I wasn’t forced, I’ll take full responsibility and say I jumped in,head first) to examine my life and choices with a fine toothed comb.    Bit by tiny bit, I uncovered pieces of myself that weren’t so shiny, but ultimately led me to this much healthier place and time of now.  This journey was a process (how I hated that word in my 2 years of therapy) which helped me build my list of things I now know :  (I adore lists)

1) Happiness comes from within.  No person, place, or thing will make you truly happy.

2) Happiness is more than a state of mind.  Body and brain chemistry are significantly involved in the ability to be happy.  The food you swallow can either poison or nourish you.  Much more on this later.

3) Love your family with every ounce of your being.  But know that they can never fulfill your every need.  This is why we have friends, jobs and hobbies.

4) We are all just trying to find our way in this world – be kind.

5) Perfection isn’t real.  Being in the arena is.  (Thank you, Brene Brown)

6)  Human bodies need to move.  Often. Whatever kind doesn’t bore you will do. That one hour spin class, three times per week (although admirable) won’t cut it.  Not if you want to live the rest of your life as an active participant rather than a spectator.

7) Creative outlets are mandatory.  Make something…with your own hands!

8) Don’t sweep emotions under the rug.  What goes in, must come out.  And it’s ugly if it piles up.

9) Do what makes you happy – within reason.

My life is much more serene these day but I have to continually reel myself in from too many unfinished projects. The truth is, I like to be busy. That’s not because I’m spiritually avoiding something. It’s because I’m healthy and have tons of interests ( I am one of those people who will never be bored in retirement ).

I have two girls who couldn’t be more different if they tried.  As they grow older and approach leaving the nest, I am choosing to focus on the moments in-between the moments.

My husband, who has been to war with me, shows me everyday that people don’t always disappoint you, and some might even surprise you.

And my not-so-much-a-puppy-anymore, Romeo (a poodle and Havanese mix), proves to me the power of unconditional and novel love every time I step in the house.

I am a Functional Medicine junkie, a wannabe photographer and ballerina.  I love to cook, ride my Kestrel ( thank you, Aunt Linda),  run (not as much after my first and last marathon), play tennis and read.  In the real world, I am a physical therapist, a Pilates instructor (Reformer only, please), a Rodan and Fields skincare consultant, and I guess, now, a blogger.